[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Malizin Cortes — HYPER_D

Artist Statement

Tags: 360˚ Video, immersive installation, Virtual Reality

“The infinite overflows the thought that thinks it” _Emmanuel Lévinas

What stories could the objects tell if they had their own voice to do so?
How would they narrate the human footprint and all the exhaustion, what would they say about our urgency to invent ways to inhabit the future? HYPER_D is an immersive experience habitable in the present and in the near future, where the user experiences a trip to the spatial excess of objects, the artificial and natural magnitude of our world and the invisible border that exists between them, which forces us to feel through the scale and speculation of some hyper-objects, which for now occupy such a disproportionate spatial phase that it makes them invisible to humans.

Video: HYPER_D Trailer

  • Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD) — Musician, Digital Artist, Creative Technologist and Programmer. Her work is developed between live coding, live cinema, installation, Virtual Reality, generative art, sound design, experimental music and sound art. She is a teacher and researcher at CENTRO University. design, cinema and television and at the UNAM (Mexico) Faculty of Arts, in the field of creative code, STEAM and new sound and immersive technologies. She has performed live events and exhibitions at the Multimedia Center, Alameda Art Laboratory, Ex-Teresa Actual Art, Digital Cultural Center, Medialab Prado, Spain Cultural Center, CMMAS, Vorspiel, Spektrum Berlin, Transpiksel, Aural, Transmediale Berlin, ISEA, CYLAND MediaArtLab San Petesburgo, ADAF, Ars Electronica, Currents, MUTEK México, Montreal and San Francisco. As an artist, she investigates the ways in which art, architecture, technology, and science have the capacity to be great disseminators of findings and devices for self-reflection and generation of unpublished models of social interactions capable of providing new ways of relating from the utopia, speculation, physical space, reality, the constant state of crisis and also hope.