[ISEA2019] Workshop: Judith Doyle — GestureLab Workshop

Workshop Statement

For: ISEA2019 participants, Students, Artists and Members of community-based organizations

The GestureLab Workshop is a hands-on introduction to photogrammetry and volumetric video
capture using a depth camera. Workshop participants will go outside on location near ISEA’s
base at the Asia Cultural Centre and record gesture, trees and architecture using photogrammetry
and the depth camera. Sounds and depth images will be uploaded into the Unreal VR
engine. The Workshop participants will contribute to a collaborative artwork, based on the form
of a quilt, where different pieces are fabricated in art workshops around the world and compiled in Unreal. Also in the workshop, we will explore including depth camera and photogrammetry images in the Unreal game engine).

  • Judith Doyle is an post-disciplinary artist and researcher whose work includes media production, publication and pedagogy. Based in Toronto at OCAD University, Judith is an Associate Professor in Integrated Media. Raul Altosaar is an emerging artist and researcher, working with Principal Investigator Judith Doyle at the Social Media and Collaboration Lab, OCADU. Raul oversees projects in the Unreal engine in VR/AR.

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