[ISEA2017] Workshop: Roger F. Malina, G. Mauricio Mejía & Andrés F. Roldán — Co-creating and critiquing training methods for transdisciplinary collaboration

Workshop  Statement

Although transdisciplinary collaboration is associated with efficiency and efficacy to solve professional and academic challenges, untrained teams may underperform because of collective cognitive limitations such as less ideation power, planning fallacies, or overvalue of shared beliefs. Successful transdisciplinary collaborations require appropriate practices and didactics. In this workshop the organizers will present a draft of best practices and didactics for teamwork and will ask participants to contribute to critique, extend and recommend from this draft. The expected outcome is a refined draft document of best practices and didactics for teamwork. The organizers will develop further and publish this document along with an annotated bibliography in the topic. We will use co-design methods to design the workshop with the participants. Activities include teamwork in a challenge, socialization, and debate of best practices. This workshop is associated with the panel proposal submitted on the same problem; many interested colleagues could not be included in the panel and this workshop will include the panelists and other ISEA attendees.

  • Roger Malina (born 1950) is an American physicist, astronomer, Executive Editor of Leonardo Publications at M.I.T Press and distinguished professor of arts and technology, and professor of physics at the University of Texas at Dallas, USA.   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Malina
  • G. Mauricio Mejía PhD, is an associate professor at the Department of Design, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, at the University of Caldas, Colombia. He is currently the program director of the PhD in Design and Creation. He received his PhD in Design from the University of Minnesota and his Master’s degree in Design from the University of Cincinnati, USA. His research work focuses on interaction design, behavior change, and strategic design. Mauricio Mejía is ISEA2017 deputy director.
  • Andres Roldan, Researcher/PHD Student, UNIVERSIDAD DE CALDAS isProfessor and Researcher in Design, currently work like a researcher in Strategic Design Lab – www.strategicdesignlab.com -, his main areas of interest are among knowledge management of engineering, aesthetics of objects, innovation in design and strategic design. With over 13 years of experience in university teaching and leadership of projects, his interest in making collaborative design. Andres is currently in MediaLab of Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) in Hong Kong (SAR – China), completing his international internship.  andresroldan.weebly.com