[ISEA2017] Keynote: Alain Ruche — How looking at life from another angle enriches the contribution of art and technology to socio-economic development and peace

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  • Alain Ruche, Belgium. I started my professional career in Peru and Guatemala with the International Labour Office. I came back to university as a research assistant at the Institute for Developing Countries in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). After working with the EC (Rwanda) and the World Bank (Senegal), I was appointed EU Representative in Haiti and Dominican Republic, then posted for the EU in several delegations: Morocco, Bangladesh, Argentina and Nicaragua, being in charge of development, trade, economic, information and political affairs. In various countries, I taught at local universities. In recent years, I worked with complex adaptive systems, putting emphasis on non-linearity, interconnectivity, rapidity of change, uncertainty, holistic approach, intuition and improvisation. I spent the last years of my career as a Senior adviser to the Secretary General of the EU External Service, tasked to think out of the box for strategic and policy making purpose, also dealing with cultural matters. I am an active practitioner of collective intelligence techniques. Affiliations: Salzburg fellow, Brussels Connector of the UK Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Global ambassador of Kosmos Journal, and Club of Rome (EU Chapter). University degrees: Social sciences, macroeconomics, pedagogy, International development. contributor/alain-ruche/