[ISEA2017] Keynote: Raymond Bellour — Chris Marker, all the media/arts together


Novelist, essayist, critic, publisher, filmmaker, vidéomaker, drawer, mutimedia artist, musician even, there are few fields in which Chris Marker did not excel. This lecture will be mainly devoted to the series of works which, since Zapping Zone (1990) to The Hollow Men (2005), have developed as so called multimedia works (installations and CD-Rom), inventing new spaces and new constellations in a work wich has nevertheless been till its end faithful to cinema.

  • Raymond Bellour, France. Critic and theoretician of cinema and literature. He studied letters and founded Artsept magazine. He published Le Livre des autres, a great book of interviews with Michel Foucault, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Roland Barthes, Pierre Francastel, etc., making widely known great thinkers of past generations. He participated in a famous exhibition on the images, Passages de l’image, (1989), at the Georges Pompidou Center, with Christine Van Assche and Catherine David. In 1991, with Serge Daney, created the magazine Trafic. In its investigation The body of the cinema: hypnosis, emotions, animalities, published in 2009, contributes fundamentally to the understanding of the functioning of the cinematographic image. Touching the themes: historical conjunction between psychoanalysis and cinema; Direct relationship between hypnosis and cinema; And the animal as a symbol in the cinematographic narrative. For many years, one of his main areas of research, was what he called “L ‘Entre-Images”, a permanent reassessment of mutations and exchanges between different media of the image, in which each More focus on installations and different devices of image and sound, of the vanguard of the cinema and the plastic arts.   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymond_Bellour