[ISEA2017] Keynote: Lance Putnam — On Space Curves as a Substrate for Audiovisual Composition


In this talk, I present the use of space curves as a fundamental construct for audiovisual composition. Curves provide an attractive starting point for audiovisual synthesis as they provide a natural translation between sound and graphics. Systems for producing curves for art, design, and scientific inquiry date back to at least the 18th century and we see similar constructs persisting across mechanical, electronic, and digital technologies. Digital technologies break with the past by allowing precise, interactive control of these curves that allows a much tighter perceptual-computational feedback loop. Contemporary uses of space curves will be presented through my own audiovisual compositions and collaborative projects including the recent “Mutator VR” virtual reality experience that dips the user into a multitude of procedurally-generated sci-fi alien worlds. mutatorvr.com

  • Dr. Lance Putnam, US/UK, is a composer and researcher with interest in generative art, audiovisual synthesis, digital sound synthesis and media signal processing. His work explores questions concerning the relationships between sound and graphics, symmetry in art and science, and motion as a spatiotemporal concept. He holds a BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, and an MA in Electronic Music & Sound Design and a PhD in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California. As a Research Associate in Goldsmiths’ Digital Creativity Labs, Lance is currently investigating new approaches to procedural art, working primarily with Professor William Latham and Visiting Professor Stephen Todd. (source:  gold.ac.uk/computing/people/putnam-lance/)