[ISEA2017] Institutional Presentation: Tadeus Mucelli — Opportunities in Brazil: FAD – Digital Art Festival, 1st Edition of Digital Art Biennial 2018

 Institutional Presentation Statement 

Since 2007, the Digital Art Festival has spread the themes of Art through New Technologies in four pillars of action in Belo Horizonte/Brazil. (Workshops, lectures, performances and art xhibition). The proposal of this edition called the Digital Art Biennial, tends to broaden the horizons of art through new media, placing this theme in a centrality in the field of art and culture in the midst of society. The connection between the cultural spaces of the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, and an international exchange of thinkers and makers who are habitual to the festival, is planned in this sense, but on a new spatialized scale of activities in the cities. The 1st FAD Digital Art Biennial is a great opportunity for all makers present at the ISEA and at the Image Festival.

  • Tadeus Mucelli, Conteudo Art & Technology, Brazil