[ISEA2017] Institutional Presentation: Margaux Missika & Jérémy Pouilloux — PXN

 Institutional Presentation Statement 

PXN is a nonprofit organisation gathering independent producers engaged in the field of new media production. PXN aims at contributing to the digital transition in France’s cultural and creative industries. PXN intends to:
– Play its part in assessing the digital development strategies of publicservice broadcasters,
– Urge the authorities to significantly enhance the resources allocated to digital creation,
– Contribute to the reform of existing systems of aid for digital creation provided by the Centre National de la Cinématographie and regional support funds, as well as those determined on a European level,
– Support the activity of audiovisual-production associations in the digital field,
– Participate in the training of talented individuals (writers, graphic artists, web designers, developers, creatives, etc.) in the sector and encourage them to continue working in France,
– Defend the heritage status of digital works and protect their creators’ rights,
– Promote international awareness of French excellence.

  • Margaux Missika & Jérémy Pouilloux, Upian, France pxn.fr