[ISEA2017] General Event: Felipe César Londoño, Liliana Villescas, Jens Hauser & Andrés Burbano — Friedrich Kittler: No hay software y otros ensayos sobre filosofía de la tecnología

General Event statement

Book Launch

Academic Editors: Alejandro Duque and Andrés Burbano.
Translator: Mauricio González R.
Publishing House: Universidad de Caldas.
Participants: Felipe César Londoño, Liliana Villescas, Jens Hauser and Andrés Burbano.

Friedrich Kittler is, in the opinion of many scholars, the founder of media studies and one of the most influential thinkers of the philosophy of technology and literary criticism. Schools of thought such as Archeology of the Media and the Digital Humanities have expressed a debt with the thought of this author, who has gone unnoticed in the academic circles of Spanish speakers. This volume offers what is probably Kittler’s first translation into Spanish, filling a significant gap in our humanities and media sciences.
The reader will find in this book a selection of texts that show the intellectual development of a
thinker, as well as the diversity of topics and ways of addressing the technological issues of the present in their historical dimension, revealing paths and horizons for research that surprise us by Its validity and current affairs.