[ISEA2017] Artists Talk: Rolando Rodríguez & Jessica Rodriguez — The construction of the peace sign from the triad sound, image and text

Artists Statement

If we assume “peace” as a sign that has been inherited, with it we also inherit a whole series of previous constructions presumed as absolute truths. It’s evident that we can’t think of peace in the middle ages, as we think it today. The human being, as a project of projects, has the condition of being able to transmute, through updating. We build “peace” as a sign, first, from a human perspective that thinks its space/time, ejected it towards the future, but at the same time reflecting its past. Second, as a subjective constructed concept that fills the cultural and social space/time it inhabits. We have poems, essays, novels about peace. We inherited sonatas, hymns, sublime arias on the subject. Images that come from the memories and images that are passing by and we build to embrace and quote them. But, peace is a personal construct. It contains complexity, uncertainty and speculation statements, lightness form the three letters that make it up in Spanish, and it’s a short whisper that transits in images through a street without being transited.

  • Rolando Rodríguez, Mexico
  • Jessica Rodriguez, Mexico, Co-founder Andamio. Master in Arts -Line in Music. I like to mix sound an visual concepts to work with video in real time. Me and my dad founded Andamio (that is a collaboration platform) in 2012 and, since then, We have worked with others producers creating workshops, videos, performances, all of then produced under digital environments. I also interested on research in digital environments processes in art, so I’ve been investigating for a long time about Live Coding and Traditional concepts in Art. I love to collaborate with people that have another kind of background, so we can learn from each other, lately I’ve been collaborating a lot with musicians, composers and sound artists. andamio.in