[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: Jorge Luis Vaca Forero — Media as a medium for establishing a conversation between Colombia’s past and its future: perspectives from a critical approach through installation art towards peace

Artist Statement

This talk gives the account of an artistic process strongly influenced by an interest between the dialogue established from the past towards that of the future of Colombia. Focusing on this aspect, the artist explores the concept of medium, analyzing two pieces of his own, in order to emphasize their relationship with the concepts of device and memory. To do this, Vaca retakes one of his initial interests approaching the historical definition of media, proposed by Manovich, connecting it with the notion of metaphor through two installations of its authorship: Máquina para un Olvido Presente / Machine for a Present Oblivion (2013-2015) and Constituciones / Constitutions (2015). From there, the concept of Work of Art will be connected to the idea of Media to analyze how, in its design, Works of Art (understood as media) can be defined as metaphors that allow a particular type of activation among an audience. To achieve this, Vaca frames his reflection within linguistics through the concept of sign, symbol and icon. The conference is an approach to how the installations propose a critical perspective towards peace in Colombia.

  • Jorge Luis Vaca Forero, Colombia