[ISEA2017] Artists Talk: Jorge Gonzales & Jorge Tamayo — MaCana, Graphic and Sound Manifestation of the Compartments of a Coffee Man

Artists Statement

Mr. Reinel works every day of the week planting coffee, potatoes, cassava and cabbage; at strenuous schedules ranging from 4 am to 6 pm, until daylight allows from Monday to Saturday. But Sunday is the special day, the most anticipated, is fair day when Mr. Reinel will sell his production, he will go to the church with his family and then he will pass all afternoon until dawn in the bar La MaCana, where he will spend all produced of the week… On Monday everything starts again. MaCana is a project that aims to explore the quotidian farming environment through sound and pictorial expression, focused on the behaviors of the population in the coffee cultural landscape, so that, these behaviors have remained unchanged for decades, which make the behaviors of the population in a relevant, but little explored element of the coffee cultural landscape.

  • Jorge Tamayo & Jorge Gonzales, Colombia