[ISEA2017] Artists Talk: Jessica Rodriguez & Rolando Rodríguez — The being of the artistic piece and its condition of possibility: a bio-generative/constructive process

Artists Statement

The construction processes of artistic pieces are at a crossroad. The fact that artistic production is unlimited in terms of blending techniques, theories and knowledge; intersecting areas and
disciplines that do not recognize boundaries between them; methodological proposals; eclecticisms of methods and models that adapt to the context and the construction of reality itself; materials and multiplicity of the same ones that the technology has built for us to use them, have made that, within the current art system, that responds to a market model, we have to rethink how to think the production processes of artistic pieces. From this perspective, the being of the piece, which contains its own condition of possibility through a bio-generative/ constructive process, has led us to rethink the question: what is the artistic piece? Thus, increasingly, we move away from occupations like who decides what artistic is, what aesthetic is, the artistic critic to build criteria, and focus on sharing the process and experience of the being of the piece that doesn’t recognize any category or definition.

  • Jessica Rodriguez, Co-founder Andamio, México. Master in Arts – Line in Music. I like to mix sound an visual concepts to work with video in real time. Me and my dad founded Andamio (that is a collaboration platform) in 2012 and, since then, We have worked with others producers creating workshops, videos, performances, all of then produced under digital environments. I also interested on research in digital environments processes in art, so I’ve been investigating for a long time about Live Coding and Traditional concepts in Art. I love to collaborate with people that have another kind of background, so we can learn from each other, lately I’ve been collaborating a lot with musicians, composers and sound artists. andamio.in
  • Rolando Rodríguez, Canada