[ISEA2017] Artists Talk: Jessica Rodríguez & Robert Mackay — Flight of the Monarchs

Artists Statement

It is an immersive sound and video installation inspired by the incredible journey that the Monarch Butterfly takes each year from Canada to Mexico. Combining video and sound footage recorded in the El Rosario reserve in Michoacán with flute and Mexican poetry, this explores the resilience of this beautiful creature in the face of climate change.

  • Jessica Rodríguez, Co-founder Andamio, Mexico. Master in Arts -Line in Music. I like to mix sound an visual concepts to work with video in real time. Me and my dad founded Andamio (that is a collaboration platform) in 2012 and, since then, We have worked with others producers creating workshops, videos, performances, all of then produced under digital environments. I also interested on research in digital environments processes in art, so I’ve been investigating for a long time about Live Coding and Traditional concepts in Art. I love to collaborate with people that have another kind of background, so we can learn from each other, lately I’ve been collaborating a lot with musicians, composers and sound artists. andamio.in
  • Robert Mackay, University of Hull, UK