[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: Bonnie Mitchell — Manipulated States of Consciousness: An Artistic Exploration of Perception, Sensation and Immersion

Artist Statement

Bonnie Mitchell’s electronic art installations explore the concept of perception and altered emotive states via interactivity, immersion and audio/visual stimuli. Over the past 20 years she has developed a wide range of electronic interactive installations that have altered the participant’s sense of reality, time and place. Her recent immersive installation entitled Shame on Us, invited the viewer into a room filled with scrim enclosed trees with projections of the results of both creation and destruction onto the multidimensional spatial elements. This holographic-like experience addressed the shifting politics in regards to the preservation of our natural resources. Encounters, an installation which invited the viewer to sit in a sensor-enhanced seat, provoked an etheral figure to emerge from a multi-dimensional stylized forest and ask thought-provoking questions. Internal Distance, used projections on walls along with figures trapped in hand-blown glass to create an environment that commented on internal conflicts. In Inhabitants, the viewer caught poetic animations falling from the ceiling onto hand-held projection screens to decipher the meaning of the piece. Experiential Extremism attempted to provoke the psychological states that entice people to gravitate toward thrill seeking, along with the emotional responses that occur before, during, and after extreme activities.

  • Bonnie Mitchell, Chair, Digital Arts Professor, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. She teaches courses in 2D and 3D animation, art & code, interactive art, electronics and art, and concept development. Her research and creative interests include perception and natural phenomena through experiential relationships to our physical and psychological environment through creating visual music animation and electronic interactive immersive installation art, developing digital humanities archives and engaging in cross-disciplinary collaboration. bonnie-mitchell.com