[ISEA2017] Artists Statement: Jo Tito, Jamie Berry & Josiah Jordan — Ko Rangi, Ko Papa, Ka Puta Ko Rongo

Artists Statement

The artwork seeks to create a peaceful space where we can explore the nature of our universal connection through shared genetic code. DNA is the technology of life, and the piece utilizes modern technology to express our biological code in novel, accessible ways. By transforming the raw DNA sequence data for a set of individuals into music, and sampling a single chromosome from each person to create the final composition, our individuality and collective connectedness are simultaneously celebrated.
The stone circle becomes a comfortable womb in which the participants can experience and reflect on the beauty of existence and the core connection we have to each other, with the projected visuals from above making the participants themselves a central component of the artwork while they explore the space. The tactile and multi-sensory nature of the piece reveals what is otherwise abstract in a visceral and universal way that is hoped to inspire discussion and profound wonder… and above all, bring us together.

  • Jo Tito, Jamie Berry & Josiah Jordan, New Zealand