[ISEA2017] Artists Statement: Simon Howden & Rewa Wright — All Hands

Artists Statement 

Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

When we wave at machines, do they also wave back? “All Hands” is a software assemblage that explores this question, arranging a human hand so that it co- emerges on screen with a machinic conspirator it must trace to activate a shifting topology of ambient sound and light. The participant sits in front of a screen showing a minimal real time environment: a fractionally shimmering curtain of light. As they raise their hands above the Leap Motion controller, a multitude of virtual hands appear on the screen, and the participant needs to use a meshwork of sensory skills (embodied reflexes, micromovements, vision, and proprioception) to track and disentangle.

  • Simon Howden, New Zealand
  • Rewa Wright, PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales,Sydney, Australia. Rewa Wright is fascinated by shifts in dynamic systems and emergent computational assemblages. She works across the territories of generative art, mixed reality, experimental documentary, and live audio-visual performance. She spends most of her time generating unholy conjunctions of sound and image in Unity, and is completing her PhD in Art, Design & Media at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She can’t make it to Manizales this year, but you can check out her work, “All Hands” in the exhibition. youtube.com/watch?v=NV_Pol46fb8