[ISEA2017] Artists Statement: Justin Love & Philippe Pasquier — PrayStation

Artists Statement 

The PrayStation invites you to pray or meditate. Equipped by a medical grade brainwave interface, you get to choose a belief system for which you wish to pray or meditate. A population of agents will appear on the screen that paint some iconic images related to the belief. The size and dynamism of the population varies with the quality of your prayer. Eventually the various iconographies will conquer and compete for the precious canvas space. The piece is thus a user-driven collective painting that portrays the war and peace caused by the co-existence of such a diversity of beliefs systems. The collective brain-driven antpaintings on the digital canvas are archived and the system starts anew every morning. metacreation.net/artwork/aa_artwork_exhibitions/praystation

  • Justin Love, Canada. Interactive Lighting. Motion tracking. President, Limbic Media,
    Victoria, BC, Canada limbicmedia.ca
  • Philippe Pasquier (France), Associate Professor, School of Interative Arts + Technology, Vancouver, Canada. Philippe is working too much. Speaking Spanish is his own way to relax. Philippe Pasquier is Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. He is both a scientist specialized in artificial intelligence and a multi-disciplinary artist. His contributions range from theoretical research in artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems and machine learning to applied artistic research and practice in digital art, computer music, and generative art. Philippe is the Chair and investigator of the AAAI international workshops on Musical Metacreation (MUME), the MUME concerts series, the international workshops on Movement and Computation (MOCO), and he was the symposium director for the Vancouver edition of the International Symposium on Electronic arts (ISEA2015). Philippe academic and artistic work has been shown in prominent venues on the five continents, including at the Centre Pompidou (France), IRCAM (France), GMEA (France), Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal (Canada), Mutek festival (Canada), Sydney Biennale (Australia), Earzoom festival (Slovenia), Les Bains Numériques (France), ISEA2012 (Turkey), ISEA2014 (Dubai), ISEA2016 (Honk Kong), ZKM (Germany), Vooruit (Belgium), Rio Olympics cultural program (Brazil), …