[ISEA2017] Artists Statement: Daniel Belton — Axis

Artist Statement

Soundscape-media art

AXIS – anatomy of space – creates a unique arts-science cinematic fusion for Festival de la Imagen and ISEA 2017. AXIS is Daniel Belton’s latest project with Good Company Arts (NZ) and features renowned artists Joyce Beetuan Koh, PerMagnus Lindborg, Tanya Carlson, Jim Murphy, Jac Grenfell and Donnine Harrison with artists of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

We are each made up of photons. Photons are particles of light. Light is inspiration. Every space has an ‘anatomy’. The visualisation of sound for AXIS arrives through a music notation system synchronised to the generation of pure light – expanded points and lines. This virtual acoustic architecture creates a dialogue with the digital dancing figure – illuminating song cycles in a cosmic choreography of light.
Optical devices, along with mapping and sound technologies alter how the human body is perceived in space and in time. Dancers are conductors travelling through a space tensioned with the happening of projected light. We are story-telling beings as much as we are electrical beings. AXIS opens thresholds of dimension and leads us to more possibilities for reading space. Through the eye of the camera we expose the interior essence of movement, and investigate how gravity can affect a choreographic relationship to line. AXIS creates a new search with the human figure in space – as projected film and processed sound performance combine. Nothing is in stasis. [source: Vimeo]

Videos: excerpt for ISEA2017   Excerpt 2  AXIS (Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts) Oceanic Edition Master

  • Daniel Belton, New Zealand. Daniel Belton and Good Company: Good Company Arts was founded by renowned artists Daniel Belton and Donnine Harrison in 1997. Good Company Arts creates live events, exhibitions and installations through the fusion of multiple art forms. [source: Vimeo] goodcompanyarts.com