[ISEA2017] Artist Statement: Bart Vandeput — “Rapchiy”: Enquiry Into Brain Readers’ Hidden Designs

Artist Statement

With “Rapchiy” the ISEA participants/audiences – or people in the mentioned public space – will have the opportunity to engage with brain reading devices and in particular contribute to the revelation of the hidden designs that were subconsciously integrated in their conceptualization and fabrication by the initial device developers/makers. In the course of embodied research with brainactivity reading technology, particular aesthetic properties emerge whilst altering the topological stance: reducing the 3D typical use of the neurodevice to a flat surface constellation. Departing from that observation, hidden designs are sought for in the entanglement of human head, neurosignal detecting machine and paper in between. They are revealed by following the contours of the device with the help of a pen and vegetal ink. The 2D drawings can be transformed again into 3D with the help of scanning and 3D printers (ceramics or wood/PLA filament). Depending on the availability.

  • Bartaku (Bart Vandeput), Doctoral studies, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Espoo/Helsinki, Finland. Artistic research, operating from within the folds and cracks and in betweens throughouts. people.aalto.fi/bart_vandeput