[ISEA2017] Artists Statement: Alejandro Jimenez Londoño & Liliana Maria Vergara Zambrano — Bed of Oblivion

Artists Statement


An extensive visual experimentation and new languages that relate to different technologies from basic informatics have marked XXI Century. This new media meets with multiple visual representations that generate effects and changes in the image’s symbolic construction so that education and communication models art transformed. Digital art as a new expression media, where digital image has turned, within these few decades, in the new iconographic form. It has allowed technical procedures such as Video Mapping exploration to boom and constantly evolve in diverse contexts both graphic and audiovisual, yielding relevant changes in space and image perception, technique and interactivity, therefore promoting a progressive digital culture. Our core topic is established as Video Mapping approximation applied to Three-dimensional objects and his relation with contemporary artistic creation. The purpose for this investigation is to find out how Contemporary Visual Arts apply media and digital resources to create artistic experiences, referring to public art, ephemeral art, spectacle art, as categories to be analyze, as well as reflection on the space concept and the importance of the viewer as an active figure. Simultaneously, its questions on how these artistic experiences are created from Video Mapping as a technological resource and its actual application in the artistic local scene.

  • Alejandro Jimenez Londoño & Liliana Maria Vergara Zambrano, Colombia