[ISEA2017] Artists Statement: Alejandro Brianza, Emilio Ocelotl & Jessica Rodriguez — Leviathan

Artists Statement

Paetzold, electroacoustic and video

Leviathan is an interactive musical system still under development and experimentation that links musical and visual creation resulting in a live electronics piece for Paetzold recorder with live visuals.

Leviathan attends performance interactivity but also the historically shaped relationships between the agents involved: composers, performers and computer. The specific indications for Leviathan are a series of indications directly related to the supercollider code control routines. The indications suggest to the performer many actions to change between fixed and variable states interacting with the live electronics.

This project works with two elements: real time and fixed time, exploring de differences and similarities between them through three dimensions: technical, musical and conceptual. From a technical point of view, this project is working with a system called “Machine listening”, so the piece can generate itself taking as inputs the sound events from the Paetzold recorder. The same happens with the visuals, there is a video generated in real time, which is mixed and processed with many different effects constructing a very special audiovisual context.

  • Alejandro Brianza (Buenos Aires, 1989), Assistant Professor, Universidad Nacional de Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Composer, researcher and teacher. Has a Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts and is currently pursuing master’s degrees in Methodology of Scientific Research. Is sound technician, student of Composition and Recorder in the Music Conservatory Julián Aguirre. He teaches at the University of Salvador and the National University of Lanús, where is also part of researchs related to sound technology, electronic music and contemporary languages, of which he has lectured at conferences and various academic meetings. alejandrobrianza.wordpress.com
  • Jessica Rodriguez, Co-founder Andamio, México. Master in Arts -Line in Music. I like to mix sound an visual concepts to work with video in real time. Me and my dad founded Andamio (that is a collaboration platform) in 2012 and, since then, We have worked with others producers creating workshops, videos, performances, all of then produced under digital environments. I also interested on research in digital environments processes in art, so I’ve been investigating for a long time about Live Coding and Traditional concepts in Art. I love to collaborate with people that have another kind of background, so we can learn from each other, lately I’ve been collaborating a lot with musicians, composers and sound artists. andamio.in
  • Emilio Ocelotl