[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: Sean Igor Acosta — Urban intervention: Creation Lab as a strategy for conflict resolution in contemporary culture

Artist Statement

The aim is to generate connections between art, science, and technology, which will allow us to find new languages that are presented to the current cultural demands. The use of these new languages will make it possible to consolidate contemporary identities and find ways to resolve conflicts. In this manner, through the Laboratory of creation of interactive cinemas, which is given in urban interventions with members of the community of the city of Manizales, the participants will first learn how to create audiovisual content and then participate in generating such content. This opens the pathway to explore the tension between art and technology as a poetic relationship, in search of finding new ways to resolve conflicts and to understand each other. It is the Mobile Laboratory of Creation that will allow learning about interactive languages and understanding the aesthetics of interactive cinema. This will be investigated, through interrelations between design, art, and technology, and will discover: what cinema tells us, what arises from that interrelation, as well as generating an encounter with oneself and with others that contribute to the resolution of conflicts.

  • Sean Igor Acosta, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia. Director, Research Group SMO, Medellín. Hiperesteta, “El Parches”, Videoman, research, Design Aesthetics of the Connectivity Promotor: muestra.cinemapoetico.net “Cinema Poético” International Video Art Exhibition politecnicojic.edu.co