[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: Elvin Flamingo — We-The Common Body, 2016-2017 (triptych): A). “This view has potential”, B). “Vanitasity”, C). “Virtual Phenotype”

Artist Statement

We—The Common Body project is created as a collective of Elvin Flamingo + Infer. The project is comprised of three parts: A.) “This view has potential”, B.) “Vanitasity” and C.) “Virtual Phenotype”.
Object A.) is an incubator inhabited by thousands of earthworms – the oldest group of invertebrates on Earth (Aristotle and later Darwin recognized them as the bowels of the Earth. Darwin devoted nearly 30 years of his life to studying them). Vermicompost which is produced by the earthworms moves to the respectively arranged sensors and the signals captured are transferred to other objects.
Object B.) is an attempt to describe the hypothetical habitat without identifying its future colonizer.
Object C.) is a fully generative VR-world created in visual software. The virtual world is armed with specially designed digital sound synthesizers, generating sonic space based on signals from the Object A’s sensors.
The combination of audio and generative visual is closely related to both the objects A.) and B.) and all three parts form together a model of the Common Body.

  • Elvin Flamingo, Poland