[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: David Andrés Torreblanca — Biomimetics and digital fabrication technologies, creative integration for product design

Artist Statement

Nature has been an infinite source of conceptual, morphological and functional analogies; it has been inspiring designers and architects of all eras. Biomimetics is a discipline oriented to study different characteristics and qualities of nature to be transferred to the artificial world through a creative process. Since the last decades have been emerging the digital fabrication technologies, they are changing radically the design process of designers, architects and different creative professionals. Digital fabrication technologies offer technical and creative advantages never before seen, some advantages are: the immediacy (to fabricate parts or products directly from a digital file), possibilities of personalization, generation of complex geometries, fabrication of armed assemblies, wide variety of materials and finishes, among others. The integration between biomimetics and digital fabrication technologies is an emerging and innovative research area with few exponents in the world, in which is possible to see new working methods, innovative products and a lot of creative opportunities. The objective of this talk is to show the technical and creative possibilities of this new area for product design through the analysis of professional, academic and research cases and in this way to open a debate on these new exploration territories.

  • David Andrés Torreblanca, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia