[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: Daria Taback — Alien WebMD

Artist Statement

Alien WebMD is an Internet zine that visually expresses a collective consciousness about various topics, mediated through the unique and self-referential language and framework of the Internet, using illustrations, audio, gifs, memes, video, prose, popups, essays, and images collaged together. The zine further explores virtual renditions of real and imagined places as interpreted through the lens of DIY web technology, and invites a non-hierarchical exploration of interactive webpages. The zine’s issues are generated by the collective efforts of digital artists whose work is based on a unifying theme. In a world in which our perceptions are constantly informed by the technologies we use, our memories are created by the way we curate lives over Internet media. This zine serves as a sort of memory archive, collective journal, and exercise in digital world building, with a nod to a pre-Web 2.0 ethos. In this respect, Alien WebMD showcases an intellectual and artistic heritage of media in a global, amorphous, yet distinct and celebrated place: the web.

  • Daria Taback, MFA Student at UC Davis, USA