[ISEA2017] Artist Talk: Carlos Franklin — Smart secrets of great paintings and Unframed: using pictorial patrimony

Artist Statement

Carlos Franklin will introduce the work he has been doing during the last three years as director of the animated documentary series Smart secrets of great paintings and animated documentary VR experiences Unframed. The first subject is about creative documentaries. Carlos Franklin will present some excerpts of the episode “View of Warsaw from the Royal Palace by Bernardo Bellotto” (dir. J. Darakchiev) focusing on the rebuilding of central Warsaw from Bellotto’s paintings and how we rebuild all the historical process using digital image. Carlos Franklin will also present the case of VR experiences “Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez” and “The temptations of Saint Anthony by Hyronimous Bosch”, and the transformation of paintings into inhabitable spaces thanks to 3D / VR software. This presentation will open the discussion about strategies of collaborations between artists and museums, in the frame of artistic commissions and/or communication plans for diffusion of artworks and exhibition pieces. The documentaries will be shown during the symposium.

  • Carlos Franklin, France