[ISEA2017] Artist Statement: Johana Marcela Jimenez Orozco — Wake up! the fight does not only last one day

Artist Statement 

Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Since a couple of month the colombian state has taken a little more consciousness about the need to protect one of the most vital resources for every living creature: the water, the element that most value should have for the human being, which is only 0,4% (potable water) in the entire planet, which is, nowadays, a big part contains contamination traces, result of unconscious human actions; one of the protection measures that are being realized in Colombia I am interest in stick out one of them, located in VillamarĂ­a, in Gallinazo county, place where mining activities were intended and would directly affect the river and all the nearby water sources; these tasks were recently suspended for legal actions implemented by people of town. I want to highlight all this fights that have the objective to looking for the wellness of everybody and I want to make a call of attention with the proposal to continue supporting this goals that make this world a better one, we want to join more people to fight with us, and partner this world with the nature enjoying all that it does for us.

  • Johana Marcela Jimenez Orozco, Colombia