[ISEA2017] Artist Statement: Daniel Buzzo — What do we know of time when all we can know for real is now?

Artist Statement 

Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

How long is a moment ? How does a moment feel ? What is the past, what is the future ?

The Moments project investigates the perceptual length of ’a moment’ of attention and of the historical tension be- tween the argument for and against time in the universe.

With scientific estimates of what a perceptual ’moment’ often hovering between three and four seconds but opinions across the worlds of art, perception, philosophy and cognition often disagree widely. [1] The project investigated just how long a ’moment’ might be and then asks the question; ’what is it to see the now, remember the past and anticipate the future, though we can conceive of the things are they truly real, do we truly experience them ?’
The ’moments’ project recorded instances of noticing, mo- ments of attention, and records them. Collating video since early 2014 the project has so far recorded close to a thou- sand separate video clips. Contrasting this huge library of intimate moments of ’attention and ’presence’ is a series of extended walking self-portrait video ’derives’ inspired by Guy Debord, the French situationist and would-be father of psychogeography. buzzo.com/what-do-we-know-of-time-when-all-we-can-know-for-real-is-now   [source: Vimeo] 

  • Daniel Buzzo, Programme leader and Senior Lecturer, MSc Creative Technologies, BSc Digital Media, University of the West of England, UK