[ISEA2017] Artist Statement: Andreas Lutz — Zwölftonform

Artist Statement

Following the formal rules of dodecaphony, for “Zwölftonform” twelve consecutive titles are composed exclusively with twelve consecutive frequencies. The basic structure for each title is made by up to twelve different sound samples from a generated sine waveform. Built on this basis, these arrangements reference and illustrate especially over time the complexity and increasing compression of the original shape. Following the serial character of the composition concept, the titles were published consecutively as EPs. For the visual translation and presentation as a live performance and audio-visual installation, the sinusoidal waveform is abstracted along the album convention. Following parameterized principles, twelve visual embodiments of this basic shape arise. The increasing complexity is now visible and the prevailing simplicity at the beginning inverted by the end. This evolving aesthetic is punctuated with a grid, that divides the base with the value of the sample number.

  • Andreas Lutz, Germany