[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Henry Tsang, Simon Levin & Glen Lowry — Maraya: Sisyphean Cart

Artists Statement

Maraya: Sisyphean Cart is a mobile ‘sousveillance’ cart mounted with an automated pan-tilt-zoom camera pulled along the Dubai Marina seawall Marina Walk interacting with local residents and visitors.   msimonlevin.com/pages/project-description

  • Henry Tsang (HK/CA) is a visual and media artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. His artworks incorporate digital media, video, photography, language and sculptural elements that follow the relationship between the public, community and identity through global flows of people, culture and capital. henrytsang.ca
  • M. Simon Levin is a Vancouver, Canada-based artist. He creates site-based systems that explore the aesthetics of engagement, using a variety of designed forms and tools that address our many publics.  msimonlevin.com
  • Glen Lowry, Associate Professor, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada