[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Rahul Malpure, Julia Townsend & Tim Wong – FLAT TO FICTION

Artists Statement

Flat to Fliction is a short (5 minutes) animation in 3D (with glasses) that will be viewed in Knowledge Village in the CYVIZ company screening room.

  • Julia Townsend is a community-minded artist and passionate educator. The Peanut Factory, North Carolina, USA and Dubai, UAE.
  • Rahul Malpure, Assistant Professor, College of Design, American University in the Emirates, UAE.  aue.ae/en/portfolio/mr-rahul-malpure
  • Timothy Wong is an Emmy-award winning graphic artist and designer working in the L.A. area, USA. youtube.com/channel/UCStjnWDpKsO9fCByaTLLnCg