[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Alexia Mellor, Dominic Smith & Anthony Schrag (The NewBridge Project) – LOCATION EXTRAPOLATION

Artists Statement

Hosted by The NewBridge Project, The 404th Wall is a satellite project of ISEA2014. Referencing both Denis Diderot’s term “breaking the fourth wall” in which the boundary between audience and performer is removed, and the dreaded 404 Internet Error Code, The 404th Wall presents a series of daily live-streamed events between Newcastle and Dubai in an evolving participatory installation.  404th.com

The NewBridge Project, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK  thenewbridgeproject.com/the-404th-wall   consists of:

  • Alexia Mellor works across disciplines, using humour and performative strategies to investigate issues of place, security, and identity in an increasingly corporatized and mediated landscape.  alexiamellor.com
  • Dominic Smith engages and plays with codified hierarchies and systems. The outcomes are often experimental social engagements with emergent trends and behaviours.  dominicsmith.info
  • Anthony Schrag‘s work is research-led, and he sees the processes of collaborative engagement as the core value of the work, rather than the production of art objects.  anthonyschrag.com