[ISEA2014] Curators Statement: Zayed University & ADMAF – STORY MILE

Curators Statement

The tradition of storytelling in the region is an ancient as its sands and seas. Zayed University’s Al Kharareef Storytelling Club was created to enrich and contribute to the revival of the cultural heritage of the storytelling tradition within the United Arab Emirates.

Last year, the Club in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation launched a collection of original fairytales and fables featuring folkloric characters from the UAE. The stories were written and illustrated by Zayed University students from various disciplines and translated by ZOWD volunteers into the language of its characters, Emirati dialect.

The project has continued to grow and this collection of 50 illustrations is a compilation of some of the best art that has been developed for this endeavor. It consists of stories that were carefully crafted from the imagination of our visual artists to bring to life iconic characters from the rich oral tradition of Emirati folklore, while preserving other key aspects of Emirati culture The Story Mile art collection stands as a testament to the wealth of creativity and talent that lies in the Emirates and the success of the training provided by the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises.

Take a journey across the four corners of the Emirates with the characters of the Story Mile and re-discover the jinn from the bygone days of childhood as they honor the traditional heritage, culture and values of this land of many blessings. Step into a world crafted from the imaginations of our 26 Emirati visual storytellers as their characters guide you on a voyage of remembrance and celebration of the best of storytelling art in these sumptuous tales.


  1. Amna Mohammed Al Tunaiji – When Mountains Speak
  2. Amna Mohammed Al Suwaidi – Saber The Brave
  3. Amna Mohammed Al Suwaidi – Nahessa The Nanny Owl
  4. Amna Mohammed Al Tunaiji – Al Rouaa´s Kids
  5. Anoud Abdulmalik Al Obaidly – The Sacrifice
  6. Ayesha Ahmad Matar Al Mehairi – The Gentle Giant
  7. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – The Queen Of The Jinn
  8. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – The Fateful Decision
  9. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – Al Kharareef Storytelling Club
  10. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – Al Medfah
  11. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – Loving The Wrong Perons
  12. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – The Fat Camel
  13. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – Al Roua´a
  14. Arwa Ahmed Al Amoodi – Mzraat Salama
  15. Aysha Saif Al Hamrani – Aisha & The Ghaf Tree
  16. Dana Naser Al Mazrouei – The Mangrove Masquerade
  17. Dana Naser Al Mazrouei – Fatouh
  18. Dana Naser Al Mazrouei – Sheikh Saher And The Hyena
  19. Dana Naser Al Mazrouei – The Spirit Of The Nation
  20. Eman Abdulrahman Al Ali – The Story Mile
  21. Fatima Mohamed Al Hameli – In The Souq
  22. Khawla Ali Al Marzouqi – A Box Full Of Memories
  23. Khawla Ali Al Marzouqi – The Hidden Enemy
  24. Khawla Ali Al Marzouqi – Mansour & Abu Ras
  25. Khulood Ghuloom Al Janahi – Marwa´s Ghost
  26. Khulood Ghuloom Al Janahi – Saleh´s Adventure
  27. Khulood Ghuloom Al Janahi – The Troublemakers
  28. Maitha Ali Al Attar – Meera´s Tale
  29. Mariam Fahed Al Zaabi – Koosa Boosa
  30. Mariam Mohamed Al Bin Ali – Sheikh Kasain´s Regret
  31. Mayyada AbdulHakeem Al Khateeri – Ghareeb
  32. Nauf Abdulrahman Al Shaikh – Donkey Noon
  33. Nauf Abdulrahman Al Shaikh – A Mother´s Love
  34. Nauf Abdulrahman Al Shaikh – Legend Of Khor Fakkan
  35. Nauf Abdulrahman Al Shaikh – My Secret Transition
  36. Nauf Abdulrahman Al Shaikh – My Secret Transition 2.0
  37. Nauf Abdulrahman Al Shaikh – Mansour & Abu Karbah
  38. Noora Abdulla Al Ali – Storymile Cover Art Design
  39. Noora Abdulla Al Ali – ISEA SM Poster Designs
  40. Nouf Ahmed Al Dhaheri – The Guardian Of The Liwa Fort
  41. Nouf Ahmed Al Dhaheri – The Heart Of A Woman
  42. Sara Mohammed Al Zaabi – The Jinni & The Abaya
  43. Sara Saif Buaseeba Al Ali – Loud Lesson
  44. Sara Saif Buaseeba Al Ali – The Fourth Room
  45. Sara Saif Buaseeba Al Ali – The Haunted Coffee Shop
  46. Sara Saif Buaseeba Al Ali – The Forth Room
  47. Sara Saif Buaseeba Al Ali – Loud Lesson
  48. Shaikha Khalifa Al Suwaidi – The Guardian Of The Mangroves
  49. Shemma Mohamed Bin Masoud – The Orphan Protector
  50. Shemma Mohamed Bin Masoud – Hemrat Al Ghayla
  51. Sumaia Mohsen Al Amoodi – Collaboration Brings Happiness
  52. Rabab Salman Al Haddad – The Revenge
  53. Reem Naser Al Mazroui – The Storymile