[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Khawla Darwish — To Where They Are

Artists Statement


  • Khawla Darwish (UAE) is an avid follower of the science of the heart, cardiology. She spent almost a decade trying to reinvent her signature artistic style. She is currently best known for her representation of cardiovascular images in her art. Darwish’s projects conveys the theme of personal misfortune, having lost both her brother and father to heart complications (cardiovascular problems). She has re-appropriated the cardiovascular heart in her art as an object to explore and understand tragedy and how to overcome it. Darwish’s fascination with cardiology has inspired her art, “the human heart figure” became an icon in her work. “The mission behind my art is to save a heart,” says Khawla Darwish. Commonly referred to as “The HEARTIST” . Video intro at khawladarwish.com.