[ISEA2014] Introduction: Daniel Echeverri – ISEA2014 SOCIAL MEDIA

Introductory Statement

The real value of this experience resides not only on creating and sharing information to the outside world but allowing students from multiple majors and colleges from Zayed University to interact, as a team. The results have been impressive especially in terms of improving the students creative, writing and critical skills. By taking complex information created by the artists, the Social Media team has gained the ability to condense information into short but practical snippets of information. Their hard work will be reflected on the results: the team expects that by the end of the event ISEA2014 Social Media will receive more that 12.000 Facebook likes, at least 600 photos shared on Instagram and 500 tweets containing information that ranges from updates on events to live-covering receptions, conferences and workshops as well as video and multimedia content.

  • Daniel Echeverri (USA), assistant professor in the programs of Graphic Design, Multimedia Design and Visual Arts at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises of Zayed University in Dubai. ISEA2014 Social Media Director.  danielecheverri.co