[ISEA2014] Workshop: Eduardo Cassina – EMERGING PUBLIC SPACES

Workshop Statement

Audience: Public, Level: Foundation / Intermediate

During the workshop we will analyze available data that signifies the character of the growth of Dubai within the last decade. We will look into economic growth parameters, how the urban fabric has changed, and the different social strata. Later on, the data will be embodied and performed within the city. Based on our findings during the first part of the workshop, participants will go out into the city to find out where there is an incipient public space in Dubai, a provision that has often been overlooked in the city due to its fast development.

  • Eduardo Cassina is an architect and urban sociologist from Spain. He studied in England, Portugal, Netherlands and China. Eduardo worked as researcher and designer of exhibitions in Guggenheim Museum in Venice and New York. Co-founder of METASITU project.
    Founded in 2014 by Liva Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina, METASITU was born with the goal of enabling cognitive emancipations around the (built) environment, by establishing new formats of knowledge exchange for understanding the urban condition today, for a queerer tomorrow.  metasitu.com