Workshop Statement

Audience: Public, Level: Intermediate / Advanced

In this workshop participants will learn about and develop physical and digital algorithms which they will create and carry out in the city through daily explorations in Dubai. They will learn to develop and use locative media with digital devices such as cell phones to interface their experiences with physical installations and/or media facades.

  • Reza Michael Safavi. My research examines how the presence of technology in daily life shapes human experience; our perceptions, social behavior, economics, entertainment and the way we meet our basic needs. I use code, video, sound, drawing, sculpture, analog and digital devices as well as elements of the natural world to create interactive experiences that highlight the interfaces, both macro and micro, among communities, technology, consciousness and the environment. I received an MFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon (USA) and a BFA from the University of Victoria (Canada).   hi-reza.com