[ISEA2014] Workshop: Chris Weaver & Fari Bradley – CRACKLEBOX

Workshop Statement

Zayed University Students, Level: Foundation, No previous electronics experience is required.

The Cracklebox is a unique battery-powered electronic instrument invented in the late 1960s by Peter Beyls (Belgium) and Michel Waisvisz (NL) of STEIM (the STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music, the Netherlands). The instrument has no keys or dials – it is instead played by touch alone, with the performer becoming part of the circuit. Artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver present a Cracklebox building workshop, participants will learn how to create personalised DIY versions of the original STEIM Cracklebox, exploring the effects of circuit modifications, different touch contact combinations, and interfacing with computers via audio software.  crackle.org/CrackleBox.htm