[ISEA2014] Workshop: Ana Rewakowicz – HABITATS

Workshop Statement

Audience: ISEA2014 Delegates, Level: Foundation

In this workshop participants will investigate the relationship between portable architecture, the body and the environment. From the ancient steps of nomadic tribes to NASA’s astronaut suit, from ‘smart’ textiles to Michael Rakowitz’s paraSITE, we will look at poetic, sculptural, imaginary, utopian projects by artists and designers, who explore new possibilities for temporary dwellings. Participants will engage in an active process of creating objects that can grow or shrink, push and transform, stretch and expand.

  • Ana Rewakowicz is an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland, living and working in Montreal and Paris. In Ana Rewakowicz’s work, humans and technology unite to give life to nature.  rewana.com