[ISEA2014] Introduction: Scott Michael Conard – ISEA2014 Workshops

Introductory Statement

Under the theme of ISEA2014 – LOCATION; international and regional artists in the field of Electronic Arts will conduct innovative workshops. The workshops take place in Dubai between 27 October and 8 November and will be open for registration to students, emerging artists and professionals.

Expect a load of creative and innovative experiences at the Workshops hosted by the ISEA2014 Symposium. Thirty-two workshops running before and during the symposium will cover the spectrum of electronic art and new media.

They will range from theory-based workshops on the future of the object (Future of the Domestic Object by Slavica Caperkovic) to a performance-based workshop built around a particular Smart phone app (Locating the Flow by Beverly Hood) to the wizardry of a gestural control interface (iFly Dubai – Eric Powell & Matthew Griffin) who are creating an interactive sound map of Dubai. And these are only a sampling of what’s on offer and open to the public and ISEA2014 delegates.

There are opportunities for students of Zayed University to learn frominternational electronic artists and thinkers – check out Poetry in Motion with Myfanwy Ashmore and also iPad as a Web Tool with Gordon Graber. And two workshops are specifically designed to introduce high school students to the creative innovation: Game Girl Workshop with Andrea Haselager and GYEM’s (Global Youth Empowerment) Innovation day focused on getting youth to hack into their creative potential.

We are looking forward to sharing results of the workshops with the ISEA2014 delegates and the arts community at the American University in Dubai on 2 November and at the Closing Ceremony at Lobo Listone Gallery on 8 November.
Workshop Locations:

  1. Zayed University – Dubai
  2. American University in Dubai
  3. Thejamjar, Dubai
  4. The Fridge, Dubai