[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Pauline Jennings, Sean Clute & Jessica Gomula – Veritable Vicissitudes

Artists Statement

The audience enters an interactive maze of live sound and videos. Sharing the maze is a solo dancer, whom the audience can choreograph through the use of symbolic signs.  seanclute.net/veritable-vicissitudes-dubai  Video: Veritable Vicissitudes

  • Pauline Jennings, USA, is a contemporary choreographer compelled to create works for stage, video and interactive installation that attempt to viscerally capture the excitement, confusion and fear accompanying our rapidly changing society. She is the Co-Artistic Director and Choreographer for DOUBLE VISION.  paulinejennings.net
  • Sean Clute, USA, is an interdisciplinary artist, composer and performer. He experiments with technologies and methodologies to construct audiovisual instruments, sensor-based interfaces and computer generative processes.  seanclute.net
  • Jessica Gomula, School of the Arts, Department of Art, Stanislaus State University, USA. Her visual arts research creates collaborative intermedia artwork in diverse public spaces, which addresses socially conscious subject matter. Through video and animation projects, live performances, and responsive systems, her projects creatively respond to the physical and social character of an environment in an effort to bring diverse people together to inspire, and be inspired. csustan.edu/art/gomula