[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Terry Trickett – ARABESQUES

Artist Statement

By combining computational design and clarinet playing, I create performances that demonstrate a close affinity between music and visual imagery. For ISEA2014, the highpoint of my performance of Visual Music will be a work produced specially for the event – it’s called Arabesques. In advance of this, he performed two other works – ‘Memories are Made of This’ and ‘SHAPES’. Video: Arabesques at ISEA2014

  • Terry Trickett  Working previously as an architect and designer, Terry Trickett has now become a Digital Artist exhibiting artworks and videos worldwide and performing ‘visual music’ at various New Media festivals. He has embraced the techniques of programming and developed methods for producing moving images as a complement to musical performance. By calling on his skills as a clarinettist, his performances of various compositions for solo clarinet are matched by the simultaneous projection of his visual interpretations of the pieces.  trickettimages.com