[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Abel, Carlo & Max Korinsky – THE NOISY SPACE

Artists Statement

Korinsky creates a sound performance installed across the vertical surface which is site-specific and generates new physical and emotional acoustic illusions. ‘The Noisy Space’ (2014), a site specific installation, deals with sounds that are usually not recognized by the human ear, that is why many people even can’t remember them later. The specific sounds of air conditioning systems belong to that acoustic group. Combined to a composition, overlapped and reinforced they create an abstract acoustic atmosphere, whose origin does not appear to the audience immediately. On the floor the visitor sees islands made of rescue blankets creating the path through the installation. The silver side of the foil facing the human body supplies warmth and that way it builds a strong contrast to the air conditioning sounds. The abstract form reminds of rocks or chunks of ice and in combination they form a landscape inside the room. They blur inside and outside creating a new physically experience through sound and visual intervention.   korinsky.com/The-Noisy-Space-ISEA-Dubai

  • Berlin, Germany, based artist collective. Abel, Carlo & Max Korinsky are media artists an do international and audiovisual showcases. The twin brothers Abel and Carlo run studio Korinsky. They share the same background, passion and visions to make their installations, performances, gallery and museum works. The bond between the twins becomes a melting pot of two creative minds. They both come from a strong fine art background but during their studies, they have specialized in sound art to widen their artistic horizon. The twins create atmospheric and fluid imaginary worlds and play with the audience’s perception.  Every work is defined by its claim of aesthetic sense. korinsky.com

Supported by the Berlin Senate Chancellery, Cultural Affairs Department.