[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Matt Kenyon – SUPERMAJOR

Artist Statement

Drops of oil seem to hover unsupported in mid-air. At other times, the drops are in the process of a reverse slow motion splash onto the pedestal. Video: SUPERMAJOR   swamp.nu/projects/supermajor

  • Matt Kenyon is a new media artist who lives and works in Buffalo, New York where he teaches in the Art Department at the University at Buffalo. Kenyon is also part of PLATFORM, a socially engaged design studio in the Department of Art at the University at Buffalo. From 1999-2012, SWAMP operated as a collaborative between Kenyon and Douglas Easterly. Kenyon now runs SWAMP solo. SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) focuses on critical themes addressing the effects of global corporate operations, mass media and communication, military- industrial complexes, and general meditations on the liminal area between life and artificial life     swamp.nu