[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Vikram Divecha – MIZIARA ARCHITECTS

Artist Statement

Invited Artist

In Miziara Architects we follow father and son through their design journey, which we see taking shape as a 3-D structure. As they debate and collaborate, an architectural narrative unfolds, which opens doors to sociological norms and generation gaps. The video spans across three generations as each floor is envisioned. Video: Miziara Architects

  • Vikram Divecha currently lives and works between Dubai, UAE, and New York, USA. His conceptual and collaborative practice has developed around what he calls ‘found processes’ – those forces and capacities at work within urban systems. By realigning social and economic relations his projects often bring invisible structures into plain view, to raise questions about agency, ethics and value. Divecha’s engagements translate into site-specific works, public art, installations, video, photography and drawings.  vikramdivecha.com