[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Maitha Demithan – ABBI

Artist Statement

Invited Artist

The artist uses a small, flatbed, A4 scanner to take multiple images of her subjects and digitally enhance them to create ethereal and beautiful portraits.

  • Maitha Demithan is an artist based in Dubai. Her first drawings were sketched in the sand, which formed an appreciation for colour, texture, line and shadow. Maitha’s work has appeared in various exhibitions including her solo show ‘Mutajadid’ (Tashkeel, 2014), which included experimental installations and new media pieces, as well as in ‘Documentation’ (Tashkeel, 2009) where her first scanned self-portraits appeared and ‘Across the Gulf’ (Brisbane Biennial, 2009). Other group shows include ‘Emerge’ (Venice, 2011), ‘Emirati Vision’ (Berlin, 2009) and ‘Biladi’ at the UAE Pavilion, EXPO 2010 Shanghai.  maithademithan.com