[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: William Pappenheimer & Tamiko Thiel – BIOMER SKELTERS

Artist Statement

Biomer Skelters is a participatory public artwork connecting body rhythms to potential ecosystems. As participants walk the streets, a wearable biosensing system repaints the cityscape with fantastic augmented reality vegetation.                                                                        willpap-projects.com/Docus/Projects_List/MainProjectsFrameset.html

  • William Pappenheimer is an   American multi media artist and a founding member of the artist collective Manifest.AR.  willpap-projects.com
  • Tamiko Thiel (1957, USA) is a visual artist exploring the interplay of place, space, the body and cultural identity. She works in a variety of media ranging from supercomputers to digital prints and videos to interactive 3d virtual reality worlds and augmented reality.  tamikothiel.com