[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Sama AlShaibi & Michael Fadel — A Model Of Motions

Artists Statement

A Model of Motions is a multi-media interactive installation comprised of three wood and metal vessels – ‘Swell’, ‘Footsteps’, and ‘Turn’—and a rustic ship anchor linked together by linked chain. The installation forms a snaked pathway for the audience to journey over sand and water, history and imagination, earthly desire and celestial wonder. samaalshaibi.com/Model-of-Motions

  • Sama Alshaibi (b. Basra, Iraq, 1973), is a multi-media artist who employs the use of photography, video/object hybrids, and installation. Alshaibi’s practice explores spaces of conflict, post-war and migration to tease out issues of citizenship and power. Frequently featuring herself as a protagonist within her works, she applies the body as an allegorical device to investigate geographical metaphors that exist between spaces of political and social oppression.  She is Professor of Photography, Video,Imaging at the University of Arizona, School of Art, Tucson, Arizona, USA.   samaalshaibi.com
  • Michael Fadel is a composer from Lebanon