[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Ana Rewakowicz & Jean-Marc Chomaz — Mist Collector

Artists Statement

Mist Collector is a long-term research and developing project focusing on exploration of various surfaces that allow collecting water from moisture in the air.

  • Ana Rewakowicz is an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland, living and working in Montrea, Canadal and Paris, France. In Ana Rewakowicz’s work, humans and technology unite to give life to nature.  rewana.com
  • Jean-Marc Chomaz is an artist physicist, Director of Research at CNRS, Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, associate editor of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and Chair of the Laboratory of Excellence LaSIPS de University Paris Saclay, France.                                        off-ladhyx.polytechnique.fr/people/jmarc/